Where does this word come from?

The word “smoOove” comes from a combination between the two English words smooth and moove.

Smooth, representing “ fluffy, soft”, to remind us of the pleasant and beneficial sensations we have when we act for causes that are close to our hearts.

Moove, which means “to move, to set in motion”, to emphasize concrete action, but also to remind us that everything in the universe is movement.

The combination of these two terms creates the word “smoOove”, which evokes fluidity for us, from the intention to the action.

The three “o’s” make us think of the 3rd eye, that is to say our intuitive, spiritual dimension, usually difficult to describe in words.

Thus we invented this unique word: “smoOove”, to designate this luminous part that emanates in each of us. These human and universal qualities which are manifested by:

  • empathy
  • open-mindedness
  • the will to share and to exchange
  • the desire to serve something greater than oneself
  • a way of being and living consciously by contributing to a better world for the next generation

To be smoOove is therefore to trust your inner world in order to choose your actions and bring them to the outside world.

In order to show what it could look like, we put in contact living examples, passionate people who have taken coherent initiatives in their personal, family, professional, social life…



Do you recognize yourself in it? Then you are smoOove!

We put at your disposal a whole directory of people and structures who share your values ​​and who work for a better world, such as you.

You are free to simply discover them, to solicit them for your own use, to exchange with them or even to support them.

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Do you have the possibility and the desire to get involved in other smoOove actions?

We also provide you with a list of projects that could meet your aspirations, which are just waiting for you to move forward!

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All in all, smoOove is a quality label which makes it possible to recognize the products or services worn by people who have the values ​​mentioned above.

Because we are aware of the impacts of our actions on our environment, our health, our well-being, we can contribute together to a more respectful world, for our true happiness, and that of the next generations.

our keywords:
share knowledge, open awareness, dialogue, co-create, be useful, contribute, express, define values, energy, motivation, enthusiasm, action, fluidity, world of tomorrow, culture of yesterday, action of today .