We are a team of passionate and committed volunteer experts who want to show that together with enthusiasm anything is possible.

We are bringing together founding projects, skills and people. We like to give voice to all creative entrepreneurial energies, who work for initiatives with positive impact, for the present and the future of the planet.

To do this, we bring our innovative solutions and our energy to all associations, all events or networks that meet these criteria (CES Las Vegas, Vivatech, Cop21, GreenTech Verte, Yes shareFestival…).

In fact, we provide, free of charge, an effective and original communication tool: the recording and broadcasting of Velfie pitch!


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What is a Velfie pitch?

It is a short video facing the camera (selfie video), recorded live by a terminal: the smoOove box.

During your events, one or more smoOove boxes are available at the place of the event. Anyone can use it to present their journey, their project, express their testimony …

Your Velfie pitch can also be done at home, with your webcam, by following our recommendations in terms of shooting (backlight, framing, sound …).

Click here to try: https://smooove.link/video/new


Why a Velfie pitch?

Because nowadays, we notice that a lot of passionate people with real skills, lack visibility and communication they deserve. Conversely, people who do not necessarily share smoOove values ​​have a large marketing budget with obviously greater chances of success. Thanks to our solution, everyone is in the same boat: 2 minutes maximum, without editing or cutting.

The Velfie pitch allows you to:

  • join business networks
  • create synergies between peers
  • promote you


For what purpose?

SmoOove entrepreneurs are our modern day adventurers. They are our heroes of tomorrow. Our goal is therefore to highlight them, to light up the vitality of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, to help them save the planet.

They have the courage, imagination, passion and determination of entrepreneurs who know that anything is possible!